Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc. (CCS)  specializes in ecological, health and safety compliance, chemical security, and hazardous material management services for academic institutions, federal and state agencies, and private industry. The CCS Relational Chemical and Product Database (R–CPD) is the most comprehensive database available. Our proprietary software modules utilize customized portions of R–CPD and generate truly unique,  holistic, product analytical and compliance hazard and risk assessments. CCS licenses customized databases and software modules as the “total solution for our customers and maintains both databases and software systems on an ongoing basis. These capabilities can be utilized as separate, stand-alone services, or as capabilities linked to existing client systems. The net result of either approach is a faster, more comprehensive, and more defensible analytical compliance capability than previously thought possible. We accomplish the difficult routinely, the impossible takes a little more time!
About Us

CCS has been providing broad based occupational and environmental safety and health services to public, private, federal and educational facilities since 1983. CCS is a unique hazardous materials database company that also writes web-based software to resolve customer-specific requirements. We commenced development of our Relational Chemical & Product Database (R–CPD) in 1985. Our database capabilities are a “sole source” resource; we have no competitors in this area. CCS provides customer support in a more timely and cost effective manner: CCS professionals collaborate with the client to identify their analytical report needs (i.e., functionality) and data input requirements. Pre-existing software and reference databases are then customized to meet the client’s specific needs. Since we develop both the reference databases and the software from pre-existing capabilities, we guarantee that the customized system will work, and we maintain both the reference databases and software as turnkey support capabilities.

Our Mission Statement

We are a team of dedicated, diversified professionals committed to providing unsurpassed services with absolute integrity in order to promote a cleaner and safer environment. We achieve excellence through mutual commitment and respect, implementing visionary solutions for our customers by meeting the demands of today and tomorrow with our flexible cutting-edge products services and concepts. Our efficient productive work environment demonstrates high standards, innovative ideas and proactive leadership, utilizing the very best–the best in people and the best in technology.

 For Remote Demonstrations/ Presentations

Remote demonstrations of any of our Web-based Capabilities, as well as PowerPoint presentations of our detailed concepts, are available upon request.  

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Abstracts and/or presentations are available upon request. 



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          Unique Expert Witness
             Case Technical Strategy
                   Chemistry ---- Toxicology
                     Medical   ----  Regulatory
                                            Sample Evaluations                            
          ___________________________________________                   Quantitative Chemical Hazard
  • 44 Ecological, Health & Safety Criteria
  • Based upon NSF/GCI/ANSI 355 Standard
  • >29,000 Assessed Chemical Database
  • New Chemical Assessments 
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)Development 
  • Chemical Acquisition Comparison   ______________________________
              Quantitative Product Risk
  • Utilizes assessed chemical database
  • Objective analyses (NOT subjective)
  • Uses product concentration for exposure
  • Other exposure factors also available
  • Mixture Quantitative SDS Development
  • Sales Support - 3rd Party Certification _______________________________