Chemical Homeland Security (C-HoSS)


C-HoSS utilizes existing chemical/product inventory data and unique, quantitative chemical hazard ranking and grading criteria to rank resident chemical hazards, security risks, and mortality risks to identify three types of inventory concerns. Addition of high risk container accessibility constraints enables C-HoSS to rank container vulnerabilities and identify container accessibility constraints that eliminate any/all vulnerabilities. Thus, C-HoSS assures that vulnerabilities to terrorist utilization of chemical inventories to create weapons of mass destruction are effectively controlled and eliminated. This system concept can be demonstrated in a PowerPoint Webinar.




C-HoSS Generic Chemical Hazard Classes



7.  Corrosives

8.  Radioactives

9.  Neurotoxins

10.  Extreme Toxins

11.  Chemical Agents

12.  Explosives

                1.  Hazardous Air Pollutants

                2.  Priority Pollutants

                3.  Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins

                4.  Oxidizers

                5.  Water Reactives

                6.  Flammables