Expert Witness Services


The main focus of our business is to pinpoint problems that lead to solutions. We have successfully applied this experience, and technical expertise in previous litigations.

Technical Strategy Assessment and Implementation


Technical research and analysis is critical to any lawsuit involving technical issues, it provides a factual basis for your final technical strategy. CCS offers a wide range of technical expertise in the areas of chemical hazards, occupational safety and health causation, and environmental compliance. Our broad range of technical capabilities, services, and products enable us to stay current with the latest regulations, technical issues and resources, and chemical customer expectations.

Expert Report and Deposition Evaluations


Prior to deposition, or testimony, we provide the attorney with insight into the specific points of strength and weakness. Supplemental research provides the data to challenge, or supplement, the report or deposition strengths or weaknesses, depending upon the side represented. Our technical deposition evaluations, assure that our clients and their attorneys have every opportunity to strengthen their technical position. Our reports also effectively incorporate data tabulations and graphics illustrating and emphasizing concepts and principles. We also have developed effective strategies for balancing the development of a strong Expert Report while minimizing information conveyed to opposing attorneys.




Technical Expert Testimony


President and CEO, Dr. George R. Thompson, provides expert testimony. Dr. Thompson received his Ph.D. in toxicology and pharmacology from Oregon State University in 1969. After 15 years of toxicological and compliance research and management in a cross-section of industry, he established The Forum for Scientific Excellence, Inc. FSE eventually became CCS. Dr. Thompson has pursued interests associated with environmental and chemical compliance research. He has authored or compiled numerous technical publications and lectured on environmental issues. His career interests have consistently kept him interacting with corporate attorneys, public advocates and private counsel. His technical knowledge, experience, and personal communication skills have proven to be strong assets as an expert witness.

Witness Preparation Assistance


CCS Expert Witness services all contribute to our abilities to assist an attorney in the preparation of other expert witnesses for deposition or testimony. CCS can effectively manage the technical presentations of YOUR case, assuring you a winning strategy!