Enhanced GreenSuite®    

"One tool cannot do it all!"


Enhanced GreenSuite® is a Web-based risk assessment suite of ten (10) software modules that calculate quantitative risk probabilities for chemicals, products, articles (e.g. furniture, textiles, toys), manufacturing processes, and wastestreams for each stage, and across all stages of the lifecycle. Four (4) GreenSuite® modules utilize 44 ecological, health, and safety endpoints, based upon the national “Greener Chemical and Processes Information" standard (ANSI-355) with data from our Relational Chemical and Product Database (R-CPD) for 30,000 chemicals. These four modules provide unique analytical capabilities for any product in any industry, including green buildings and construction.  A fifth enhanced GreenSuite® module utilizes manufacturing process factors, also defined in ANSI-355, to quantitatively determine manufacturing process sustainability efficiencies (e.g., water usage, energy consumption, waste generation, etc.) A sixth GreenSuite® module provides protected and confidential business information from suppliers to facilitate GreenSuite® supply chain risk assessments without divulging the CBI.  The final two modules in our Enhanced GreenSuite® provide exposure scenario risk assessment analyses for chemicals and for products. These latter two modules replicate the default exposure values from the Dutch ConsExpo system for six product categories (i.e. cleaning, cosmetic, disinfectant, do-it-yourself {glue, sealant fillers, plasters, coatings, remover, miscellaneous}, paint, toys). CCS can work with other industries to develop additional product categories with their specific exposure scenarios.


Enhanced GreenSuite® report options are currently being further expanded to automate GHS classification and label generation reports, and to generate risk-based product declarations to summarize chemical or product, environmental, health, and safety impacts.


Our Enhanced GreenSuite® provides high value to product stewards, toxicologists, process engineers, research and development professionals, regulatory and procurement/acquisition personnel, including institutional buyers.

GreenSuite® Risk Assessment Output Report Options


Risk assessment quantitative reports are available in 3 different formats:


  1. Detailed Proprietary Report- retained by the manufacturer, includes quantitative confidential product formulation and constituent chemical data, with detailed risk assessment discussion, including emission comparison to acceptable standards (if emissions data provided), typically 175-225 pages in length, including appendices.

  2. Nonproprietary Report- commonly provided to significant customers by the manufacturer, equivalent to #1 except proprietary data has been converted to nonproprietary/generic data and descriptors, typically 75-125 pages in length.

  3. Certification Report- provided by the manufacturer to any/all customers, certifies 100% constituents assessed against 44 ecological, health, and safety endpoints derived from ANSI 355, quantifies and classifies the formulation risks using either numeric, alpha, text, or color-code descriptors, includes a consumer exposure risk assessment; also available as an automated output report to system licensees, 12-15 pages in length.


       GreenSuite® clients can request any combination of these three reports for a risk assessment.


GreenSuite® Annual Subscription Fee & Support Services


GreenSuite® is applicable to Industry, Government, Academia and others. The subscription fee is based on a sliding scale; the smaller the user, the lower the Annual Fee. Annual Fees are based upon user group sales, or budget.  Annual Fee's are affected by the number of modules used- additional modules are significantly less. CCS maintains the databases and software to keep them current. CCS provides initial remote training, and staffs the Help Desk.


  • INDUSTRY: Company, Division, Department Sales

  • GOVERNMENT: Agency, Division, Program Budget

  • ACADEMIA: Department, Program Budget