CCS Industrial Web-Based Systems


CCS has developed 19 Industrial Web-Based Systems that utilize elements from our centralized Relational Chemical and Product Database (R-CPD).  Eight (8) of these systems have been integrated into our Enhanced GreenSuite® and four (4) others provide a hierarchy of Safety Data Sheet Development and analytical systems. 




  • MRS-CEPPA (MSDS-"green")

  • MIE-CPRS (export-import)

  • COC (chemicals of concern)

  • C-CAS (chemical tracking

  • CHEMS (hazard & equivalent material)

  • G-PEAS ("green" process engineering)

  • CT-SSCS (textile sustain certification)

  • C-SSCS (carpet sustain certification)

  • F-SSCS (furniture sustain certification) [pending]




  • GC-DDS ("green" chemical)

  • GP-CAS ("green" product)

  • G-PACS ("green" process)

  • G-WACS ("green" waste)

  • C2D (data/CAS #)

  • Regulatory Queries

  • Chem-NET (regulatory list QC)

  • MISS (MSDS Creation)

  • MRS-PHI (MSDS-product)

  • MRS-CHI (MSDS-chemical)

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