Key Risk Assessment Summaries

Spray Polyurethane Foam

  • SPF hazard and risk assessments for generic and commercial formulations consistently demonstrated decreasing risks across the lifecycle stages from Side A (high), Side B (moderate), curing SPF (minimal), cured article (non-risk).

Particle Board

  • A particle board and resin constituent hazard and risk assessment utilizing GreenSuite® chemicals & product modules clearly demonstrates how significant chemical hazards are progressively attenuated through four manufacturing stages to no significant risks under final product intended use conditions.


  • GreenSuite® paint constituent hazard and risk assessments utilizing 44 ecological, health, and safety endpoints derived from the ANSI 355 consensus standard, demonstrated the value of using broad endpoints to understand trade-offs in alternative assessments and recognize sources of misperceptions.


  • A comparative GreenSuite® laminate risk assessment and Pharos/GreenScreen hazard assessment emphasizes the value of use condition exposure factors in correctly documenting product non-risks and the absence of concerns for consumers.

Flame Retardants and Biocides

  • GreenSuite® quantitatively differentiated risks for formulations used in appliance manufacturing, and their constituent chemicals, and effectively ranked alternative flame retardants and biocides, thereby identifying candidates with reduced risk

Semiconductor Formulations and Chemicals

  • GreenSuite® risk assessments of 9 formulations for different applications identified quantitative risk differences for these formulations, as well as their Health/Safety/Ecological Scores.