CCS Munition Web-Based Systems


CCS has developed 10 Web-based Munitions Analytical Compliance Suite (MACS) modules that utilize data from the DOD Munitions Items Disposition Action System (MIDAS) Index and our Relational Chemical and Product Database. These sole source systems provide a broad spectrum of demilitarization qualitative and quantitative compliance support capabilities, including emission analyses, based upon DOD OB and OD Emissions Guidance, and OB, OD incinerators, green munition, and range munition analyses. CCS also has 7 support service MACS modules that are integrated to calculate human health and environmental risks in support of hazard waste permit applications. CCS has also developed 3 detailed munition module concepts that have yet to be funded.



  • MACS-PRA (permit repository)

  • MACS-ERA (emissions risk assessment)

  • MACS-HRA (health risk assessment)

  • MACS-EnRA (environmental risk assessment)

  • MACS-OBODM (plume height)

  • GM-AERMOD (air dispersion & deposition)

  • GM-PEAS (DfD "green" process engineering)

  • MACS-GIS (site pollutant impact; concept)

  • MACS-RATS(range assembly; concept)



  • MACS-1 (demil )

  • MACS-2 (ranges)

  • MACS-3 (theoretical compliance)

  • G-MACS ("green")

  • GM-PACS ("green" process)

  • GM-WACS ("green" waste)

  • INC-FRC (incinerator)

  • RISK (emission dispersion)

  • TRACS (hazardous waste)

  • MACS-COC (constituents of concern)

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