Relational Chemical and Product Database (R-CPD)


CCS began compiling data for R-CPD in 1985, from over 1,000 publicly available sources. This database is divided into four relational tables:


  1. Chemical Data: includes a Cross Reference Dictionary that links over 750,000 chemical identifiers to their individual Chemical Abstract Service Numbers, physical/chemical data requested by various customers, 44 ecological/health/safety hazard characteristics derived from ANSI-355 normalized, data for nearly 30,000 chemicals, Alternative Chemical files for 65 functional chemical categories, and extensive Eco-Risk and Human Health Risk data tables used for environmental and health risk assessments.

  2. Regulatory Lists and Data: includes over 800 state, federal, international, nongovernmental organization, corporate, and trade association chemical regulations, and any associated data.

  3. Product Data: includes links to more than 1.5 million chemical product Material Safety Data Sheets maintained by over 10,000 manufacturers on their Websites.

  4. Supplier Data: maintains product composition data for suppliers at various levels in the supply chain in confidential files. This data can be incorporated into product and process risk assessments without divulging CBI.


R-CPD is a comprehensive hazardous materials repository containing more than 80 million data elements for 280,000 chemicals, but not all data for every chemical. This relational database is highly purified and has unique cross-functionality: a single source for materials risk assessment and management, environmental/ safety/ hazard, regulatory and security information. The relational R-CPD content is customizable for each customer. Data is entered and maintained current in R-CPD on a daily basis. Our publicly obtained data can be supplanted with corporate data for hazard and risk assessments, if preferred.