Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc. offers a variety of services that utilize our unique chemical/product databases and software modules to provide answers to customer inquiries. 
Green Chemical and Product Hazard and Risk Assessments


CCS "green" assessments can be applied for chemical comparisons, the design or evaluation of products or manufacturing processes, or the reverse engineering of wastestreams. The analyses uniquely utilize the broadest, consensus standard-derived ecological, health, and safety criteria, and are completely transparent. Reports can also be merged into formal lifecycle assessments.

Alternative Assessment


CCS performs alternative assessments at four different levels: (1) chemical, (2) manufacturing process, (3) product/article, and (4) wastestream. This complete lifecycle capability maximizes sustainability achievements.


Supply Chain Logisitics

CCS effectively accounts for hazard and risk contributions to the final product assessment, by accounting for contributing hazards and risks from each level in the supply chain. Our broad criteria can be quantitatively applied at each level, and our normalized assessments facilitate compilation of results for the entire supply chain.

Science, or a Pseudo-Science in Chemical and Product Sustainability Decisions? (Risk vs. Hazard Assessments)
Chemical activists are pursuing a strategy of single attribute, hazard-only, pseudo-science assessments of chemicals, to ban chemical use in products and manufacturing processes. Such analyses completely ignore the scientific axion established 500 years ago that "the dose makes the poison" Their strategy, therefore, ignores the facts that reduced exposure reduces the hazard, and changing the form of the chemical (e.g., solid vs. dust, liquid vs. powder, etc.) eliminates the hazard completely. CCS automated risk assessments offer a science-based alternative.


Contract Options


CCS can provide information acquisition, or other labor support services, required to implement or maintain a hazardous materials management system.



Expert Witness

CCS Expert Witness services specialize in all aspects of potential chemical exposures and corresponding effects. We have experience in technical strategy assessment and implementation, expert report and deposition evaluations, technical expert testimony, and witness preparation assistance.