Supply Chain Logistics


Pressures from consumer advocacy groups have inappropriately resulted in some retail and manufacturing companies requiring the full, public disclosure of all chemical constituents in a product, at increasingly lower and lower concentrations. This demand, in turn, requires that manufacturers identify chemical constituents contributed by their suppliers and their suppliers' suppliers, throughout the supply chain. The intent of this manipulation is to facilitate the use of pseudo-science and fear tactics to remove constituent chemicals that are in fact, safe under their intended use and exposure conditions. (see Science, or Pseudo-Science, in Chemical and Product Sustainability Decisions?).


A science-based alternative is for manufacturers to confidentially disclose all product constituents to CCS, as an independent third party. CCS compiles this data in our "Suppliers Family Tree" system and utilizes our science-based Enhanced GreenSuite® to provide risk assessments under specific product usage scenarios to assure consumers, workers, and the environment are adequately protected, without disclosing proprietary information.